Durham Cask Aged Gin (70cl)

Durham Cask Aged Gin (70cl)


Durham Cask Aged Gin embraces the art of cask aging, a technique most commonly used in the production of whisky, to create a richness of colour not commonly associated with gin. The cask aging process also adds a fourth level of flavour to Durham Gin’s unique combination of botanicals.

Each year we create a unique blend of cask aged, this year’s edition sees our signature Durham Gin rested in the casks for just over 8 months, the 3 casks have produced just over 1000 bottles and are all signed by head distiller Jess.

This year’s blend uses two complementary types of aged oak casks, American Bourbon and Spanish Oloroso Sherry; this combination reveals fruity and honeyed complexity with subtle vanilla and citrus zest top notes. The American Bourbon cask itself offers a vanilla bean, caramel and oak finish, while the Spanish Oloroso offers spicy sweet fruit with honey and orange peel. The combination just works so well and tastes really, very special.  

Our Cask Aged gin is sold in a beautiful presentation tube, the artwork is inspired by the roundels at Durham Cathedral and indeed our logo.

American Bourbon Cask

  • Vanilla bean

  • caramel

  • oak

Spanish Sherry Cask

  • Spicy with sweet fruit

  • honey

  • orange peel

This category of gin should be treated as a whisky. Drink in a tumbler (with drop of water or ice if required) and enjoy with a dash of ginger beer.

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